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The tuxon hotel

Classic Americana, Made Modern

Just off the historic I-10, in the shadow of Sentinel Peak, The Tuxon offers travelers the chance to plant themselves firmly in Tucson’s local culture. Our structure calls to mind the motor lodges that once defined America’s travel scene; hubs for weary travelers to unload, settle in, and find comfort in the exploration of something new. Our modern amenities, thoughtful service, and desert-modernist ambience help us do all that, and tell a new story in the process.

The Tuxon Difference

Southwest Bound

If you’ve been looking for a true immersion into the sprawling desert landscapes and vibrant cultures, you’ve found it. Grab a complimentary bike and cruise past the towering desert saguaros, head downtown for a night out, or gear up for a classic Rodeo.

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The Tuxon Difference

Life @ The Tuxon

From live music and outdoor film screenings to craft workshops and tastings, life at The Tuxon is pretty sweet. Our full calendar of community-focused events is designed to explore facets of the Southwest’s heart and soul, leaving you with more than a few priceless memories to take back home with you.

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The Tuxon Difference

Under the Tucson Sun

Around here, pool season never really ends. Our signature boomerang-shaped pool is our version of a glittering desert oasis, complete with daybeds, private cabanas, and more than enough space for sunbathing and socializing.

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The Tuxon Difference

A Trail of Saguaros

Our private garden is home to local potted succulents, cultivated from the deserts that surround us. Slip away for some peace among our prickly, pointy friends.

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Sleep Tight

Your Desert Nirvana
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Grab A Bite

Chili-spiked boozy slushies, fresh ahi tuna, handheld carnitas tacos—what’s not to love? The Pool Bar at The Tuxon serves up delicious food, poolside, every day.

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A True Taste of Tucson

There’s a magic to Tucson; one you can’t know until you’ve been here. As one of the oldest continually inhabited areas in North America, the history and culture is rich; as the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the U.S, the food’s pretty good, too. Explore the city’s winding trails, rugged natural landscape, and vibrant culture from the heart of it all.

Explore the City

You Heard It Here FirstSurprise, Surprise!

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Looks can be deceiving. This may be the beginning of the comeback of the Motel. The modern space has a whole vibe while visiting Tucson. The location is right off the freeway. Very convenient drive to local eateries and shops. However, don't travel too far because the restaurant on site is a must. The complimentary bike rental is a plus. If you're ever visiting Tucson give the oldie, but newbie a try. You will not be disappointed.

- SafarieMTRavels

You Heard It Here FirstLoved it!

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We enjoyed a lovely 4-night stay. Staff, food, entertainment, amenities, and the grounds were perfect. Love the style and well-thought-out details of this resort! Please use the bikes and take the nearby bike trail. We highly recommend The Tuxon if you’re in the area!

- Carmen M

You Heard It Here FirstAmazing

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The Tuxon has a very relaxing and chill vibe. The rooms are exceptionally clean. I felt like I was sleeping in a friend's super cozy guest room. We loved having the bar and great food after a long day of hiking. The food is surprisingly delicious! Loved the whole design of the hotel.

- hyorkturn